As a courtesy to our presenters and the audience members, we request that you arrive on time as latecomers will not be admitted and that you remain seated until the event is over. The maximum length of each event is indicated in the schedule.

Pre-Festival Event

Thursday, March 05
  • 8-11pm Festival Fundraiser: Poet Friends (3 hours)
    An evening of poetry readings by poets Sina Queyras, Oana Avasilichioaei, David O’Meara. Erín Moure and Ian Orti, music, drinks, draws and door prizes

    The Green Room

    In collaboration with Matrix

Festival Events

Friday, March 06
  • 10am – 4pm – Empty Headed Writing (5 hours)
    A writing workshop with Peter Levitt, offered in collaboration with the Quebec Writers’ Federation.

    The Newman Centre
    Registration with QWF

  • 4:30pm – The Deep Ecology of Classical Chinese Poetry (90 minutes)
    A lecture by David Hinton, as part of the Paul Hsiang Lecture Series on Chinese Poetry, followed by a reception.

    McGill University Faculty Club
    Co-sponsored by McGill University’s Centre for East Asian Research

  • 8pm – Shin Yu Pai/Seido Ray Ronci (120 minutes)
    Readings by Shin Yu Pai and Seido Ray Ronci of their published and not-yet-published poems.

    De Sève Theatre, Concordia University
    Co-sponsored by Concordia University’s Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

Saturday, March 07
  • 7:00 am – Zazen (60 minutes)
    Zen instruction and meditation. Doors open 6:45am

    Studios Lyne St-Roch

  • 9:00 am – Communal Writing: A Workshop for Rengaistas (180 minutes)
    A renga workshop with Shin Yu Pai, looking at traditional and contemporary examples of this poetry form and practicing various collaborative approaches to writing renga.

    Centre Zen de la Main

    12 participants

  • 10:45am – Form is Emptiness: Zen Poetry and the Small Press/Publisher (75 minutes)
    A panel discussion about how, where and why Zen poetry appears in print in the contemporary publishing world, with Chase Twichell of Ausable Press, Dennis Maloney of White Pine Press, Linda Gustafson of Counterpunch, a Toronto book design company, and Zenshin Michael Haederle, a freelance journalist and Zen monk from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Alfred Dallaire Memoria
    Moderator: Carmine Starnino of Véhicule Press

  • 2pm – Forget the words!: Zen Poetry in Translation (75 minutes)
    A panel discussion with Red Pine, David Hinton, Peter Levitt, Dennis Maloney and Stephen Addiss.

    Our invited poets and translators will engage in a discussion of how, if Zen language is supposed to point to a meaning beyond words, this meaning is translatable and if that meaning changes when brought into a new culture and language. Can translation be a Zen practice: is “forgetting words” something which can occur within the process of translation, and can the translator be “one who has forgotten the words”?

    Alfred Dallaire Memoria
    Moderator: Erín Moure

  • 3:30pm – The Festival Multi-book Launch (90 minutes)
    Short readings from new works by Stephen Addiss, David Hinton, Peter Levitt, Dennis Maloney, Red Pine, Seido Ray Ronci, and from Enpuku-ji Press’s collection from the 2007 festival, words have no meaning, by Darren Bifford, Nancy Ellen Miller and Myōkyō.

    Alfred Dallaire Memoria
    Moderator: Geeta Nadkarni – CBC

  • 7:30pm – Poetry: Memory and Dharma (75 minutes)
    Chase Twichell and Peter Levitt will have a conversation with Prof. Hori about how, in Zen poetry, we are dealing with non-duality and a direct manifestation and yet so much Zen poetry has reference to memory. Chase and Peter will read from their work.

    Alfred Dallaire Memoria
    Host: Prof. Victor Sōgen Hori

    *With the financial assistance of the Canada Council through the Writers’ Union of Canada

Sunday, March 08
  • 7:00 am – Zazen (60 minutes)
    Zen instruction and meditation.
    Doors open 6:45am

    Studios Lyne St-Roch

  • 11am – Snares and Traps: Visual Art and Poetry (180 minutes)
    An intimate literary brunch with presentations by Stephen Addiss on haiga, a poem/painting form and by Shin Yu Pai on her work in translation in terms of visual/textual languages.

    Soupesoup Old Montreal
    Host: Myōkyō, Abbess of Centre Zen de la Main