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Peter Levitt
A long-time practitioner of Zen, Peter Levitt has published nine books of poetry as well as two non-fiction books and several translations. His most recent work is a new collection of poetry, Within Within.

Shin Yu Pai
Shin Yu Pai’s poems have been described as “mind-cracking paradoxes or illogical formulations of Zen koan literature.” Her poetry is published in several books and anthologies, and she has also exhibited her visual work and collaborated with diverse artist groups.

Chase Twichell
Chase Twitchell finds Zen “a wonderful sieve through which to pour a poem”, and much of her award-winning poetry reflects her years as a student at Zen Mountain Monastery.

Seido Ray Ronci
Seido Ray Ronci is a poet, musician and Zen monk in the Rinzai tradition and he is the director of Hokoku-An Zendo in Columbia. His poetry, published in numerous magazines, collections and chapbooks, has won several awards.


David Hinton
In his award-winning translations of ancient Chinese poetry – including the four seminal masterworks of Chinese philosophy – David Hinton aims to create a new tradition of contemporary American poetry, one that conveys the distinct textures of the originals in a coherent new voice.

Dennis Maloney
Dennis Maloney writes and translates poetry, including tanka, an ancient form of Japanese poetry; he is also the editor and publisher of the White Pine Press, a widely respected a non-profit literary publishing house in Buffalo.

Poet / Calligrapher

Stephen Addiss
Calligrapher, musician, poet, translator, painter and long-time Zen practitioner Stephen Addiss has published 36 books or exhibition catalogs, and his paintings, ceramics and calligraphy have been shown internationally.

Special Guest

Red Pine
Red Pine has published several translations of Buddhist teachings and is the author of Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits. His most recent project, Zen Baggage: A Pilgrimage to China, recounts with wisdom and humour his journey to sites associated with the first six patriarchs of Zen.


Erín Moure
Erín Moure’s poetry and translations have won the Governor General’s Award and the AM Klein Poetry Prize, and she is recognized as one of Canada’s most eminent and respected poets.

Victor Sōgen Hori
Victor Sōgen Hori is a Rinzai Zen monk, translator and author of Zen Sand: The Book of Capping Phrases for Koan Practice. He has co-edited several books on Buddhism, and is currently Associate Professor of Japanese religions at McGill University.